Special Needs Students

Students With Identified Needs at CHOICE (TAG, ILP, IEP)

CHOICE offers instruction using an inclusion model to deliver support and enrichment services. Teachers design and implement differentiated instruction that helps to meet student’s needs within the mixed ability classroom. They also consult with TAG, Special Education and reading specialists for additional support.

Talented and Gifted

The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is implemented for the purpose of providing support for the gifted student. This plan is written in consultation with the teachers, parents and student and is part of the CHOICE goal setting process.  A TAG educational advisor consults with the team regularly and as needed by the student or teachers.

Literacy Support

Students who are on an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) receive support though their regular Language Arts classes and may receive additional support as well.

Special Education

In CHOICE we believe that all students learn best with their peers; therefore, we strive for a full inclusion model used to provide special education services. The case manager and classroom teachers work together to support student needs. The case manager team-teaches some classes, or leads a support group, and consults with all CHOICE teachers on a regular basis. The reality of this focus program is that students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may or may not have direct contact with the case manager during some school weeks due to field trips or a change in schedule.

Additional Notes

Federal law requires that reasonable accommodations be provided to permit the participation of children with disabilities in District programs. It does not, however, require focus programs such as CHOICE, to make fundamental alterations to the program to allow for participation of children with disabilities. Therefore, if a student with 15 or more hours of service on his or her IEP is selected through the Open Enrollment process, a staffing will be held to determine if there is a match between the student’s needs and the CHOICE program.

The key questions asked at the staffing are:

Can a Student’s IEP be reasonably aligned to fit the CHOICE program and meet the needs resulting from the child’s disability?

Is there a match between the CHOICE philosophy, goals and programs and the learning style and needs of the student?

What kind of services, resources, modifications and accommodations will be necessary to meet the student’s needs?

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