What is the CHOICE Program?

The CHOICE Program at Platt Middle School

We believe that an emphasis on a highly supportive community builds an environment where students develop a love of learning, thriving both academically and emotionally.

Small size:
  • Three-year program with an enthusiastic group of core teachers
  • Safe environment where students know and care about each other
  • Personal, responsive instruction that addresses various learning styles
  • A focus program unique within BVSD
Large resources:
  • Trimester and year-long electives, may include choir, band, orchestra, physical education, drama, art, applied technology, and full-year foreign language
  • Students participate in all inter- and intramural athletics, such as track, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and soccer
  • Participation in enrichment activities such as Brain Bowl, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Math Counts, Jazz Band, Student Council
  • Special education services are provided if student qualifies
  • TAG advisor communicates on a regular basis with team
BVSD support:
  • As a focus school program, the CHOICE Program benefits from the support and resources of the Boulder Valley School District

Academic excellence

  • Hands-on experiential approach to learning
  • Fosters excitement for learning and individual achievement
  • Students receive the BVSD curriculum over three years and meet district and state standards
  • CHOICE students perform well on state standardized tests
  • Graduates demonstrate the ability to work effectively with diverse groups, plan long-term projects, prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, and be strong self-advocates in high school
  • Graduates are represented within BVSD high schools, including Boulder, Centaurus, Fairview, Monarch, and New Vista
  • All classes are multi-grade, 6th through 8th; math classes are ability based
  • Co-op classes meet daily for teambuilding, portfolio work, and individualized help; the co-op teacher serves as a valuable communication link between student, parents, and all CHOICE teachers
  • Students have one semester of science and one semester of social studies taught in 2 hour block classes. Three times per semester, students participate in an all-day field trip directly related to this curriculum
  • Alternative assessments including projects, presentations, rubrics, self-assessment, and use of a body of evidence to measure learning
  • Students take ownership of their learning by presenting a portfolio of work to teachers and parents throughout the year

Learning community

Within CHOICE:
  • Students, families, and teachers quickly become a community in which students are encouraged to take risks
  • Long-term CHOICE teachers create a safe, stable environment where students flourish
  • Teachers get to know students as individuals over three years, which jump starts the learning process and assures that students reach their full potential
  • Students genuinely like and trust their teachers, treating them as mentors
  • The safe environment fosters self-confidence and academic achievement
Extended classroom:
  • Denver-Boulder community serves as an extended classroom for daylong field trips
  • Students attend Denver Center plays, participate in numerous outdoor athletic activities, plus visit the library, capitol, museums, and more
  • Students are required to initiate and participate in community service each year
Extended Trips
  • Several longer experiential field trips reinforce the curriculum and challenge students to stretch their comfort zones in a supportive environment
  • CHOICE students attend a fall trip at a Colorado wilderness camp which serves as an important part of our community-building process
  • During the week-long Spring Trip, students have explored the ruins at Mesa Verde, rock climbed in Moab, fly fished Colorado’s Green River, mountain biked trails throughout the state, and hiked the Tetons in Wyoming


  • Students within the Nevin Platt Middle School attendance area receive free transportation to CHOICE provided by BVSD
  • Platt is conveniently located along RTD bus routes at Cherryvale Road and Baseline Road.


  • Enjoy working with groups and project-based activities
  • Enjoy field trips (day-long and multi-day)
  • Desire to work toward self-advocacy
  • Have the ability and desire to learn how to communicate with others
  • Respect individual differences
  • Want to become actively involved in service to the community
  • Share the philosophy of the program


  • Have difficulty functioning in cooperative learning groups with different kinds of students
  • Have had a recent placement in an intensive treatment or educational program without a successful transition to a mainstream learning environment
  • Do not enjoy field trips
  • Have a hard time making transitions from one environment to another
  • Only function best with seatwork and textbook based learning
  • Need strong external controls to function and learn
  • Have difficulty with independent learning
  • Resist conflict resolution and are accustomed to solving problems with force
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